A.I.R. Gallery is a permanent exhibition space that supports an open exchange of ideas and risk–taking by women artists in order to provide support and visibility. As an artist-run organization, A.I.R. fosters involvement through multiple tiers of representation: New York, National, Adjunct, and Alumnae Artists. A self-directed governing body, the organization is alternative to mainstream institutions and thrives on the network of active participants. Collaborations and partnerships with outside organizations and individuals ensure a platform informed by a diverse community and representative of broad views. A.I.R. maintains a gallery space in Brooklyn, NY and exhibits the work of hundreds of women artists each year. In addition to public open calls: Generations, the Biennial, Currents, and the Postcard Show, A.I.R. hosts many events, lectures and symposia on feminism, art and much more. Our programs engage an audience across a broad spectrum of experiences while creating a lively discourse among artists. A.I.R.’s Fellowship Program For Emerging and Underrepresented Women Artists provides a year-long career development intensive for six artists each year as well as life-long support and collaboration. Since 1972, when a group of visionary women artists opened the first gallery space at 97 Wooster Street in Soho, A.I.R. Gallery has been leading the way in championing women artists, increasing their visibility and the viability of their endeavors. 

Ends in 18 hours, 56 minutes $40.00 - 50.00
$40.00 - 50.00



Curators: Sarah Demeuse and Prem Krishnamurthy 


\\ Let’s start with listening. It’s an open call, so,

although we first have to speak, the next step is to

listen for resonances in response.

// We should take the two-folded nature of this

seriously, as a form, as a representation of what

we do every day––but also as a way of talking-with-


\\ Is that where empathy begins?

// It’s like the controversy we just discussed:

I’m willing to listen to other opinions, but my gut

still leads me in a certain direction. Am I supposed

to somehow overcome this?

\\ But rather than talk about empathy as an idea, a word,

or even a stance, aren’t we interested in enacting it?

// That’s perhaps how we get out of the rabbit hole of

either “making” or “giving” space, the proprietary

presumptions and power dynamics embedded in that.

You turn it into a listening event.

\\ Right, the space is filled with soundwaves! Put the

stethoscope to the wall.

// After all the gallery is called “A.I.R.,” and what’s

in the air but invisible waves that turn into meaning

once they reach our noses, ears, eyes. Our ears

translate them by default. But how do we know what

another creature hears?

\\ The way we try to communicate with future alien life

follows that premise: the Voyager Golden Records

are waves translated into matter. But that mission

seems more about broadcasting our own preformed ideas

and biases.

// Let’s try listening again.

A.I.R. Gallery is accepting submissions for its 13th Biennial from both local and international artists. Curated by Sarah Demeuse and Prem Krishnamurthy, the call is open to works of all forms and disciplines. Submissions that will be considered can range from studio art and design, film projects and publishing practices, sound and noise compositions. This year’s edition of the Biennial will not be limited to our New York space; the exhibition will extend to alternative locations as well.

Sarah Demeuse makes exhibitions, teaches, writes, translates, and edits. She is co-founder, with Manuela Moscoso, of the curatorial office Rivet. She has independently worked on a range of curatorial and educational projects in the US, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. As an editor, she has realized book projects with Archive Books, Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, and Roma Publications, and her writing has appeared in catalogs and publications such as Art Papers, Frieze Magazine, Hyperallergic, Open, and Art in America. At the moment, she edits an occasional podcast series and website dos - a site and series that discusses exhibitions. Prior to fully working in the art field, Sarah taught Spanish literature and culture at Columbia University, focusing on the advent of mass media. As an educator, Sarah has worked with the New Museum in the Education Department, and has taught the Exhibition Making Practicum at the Master in Curatorial Practice program at SVA. Together with Prem Krishnamurthy, she co-taught a seminar at Barnard College about writing and graphic design.

Prem Krishnamurthy is an exhibition maker based in Berlin and New York City whose multidisciplinary work incorporates curating, design, writing, and teaching. His curatorial focus addresses intersections of art, design, and architecture as well as experimental exhibition models and institutional formats. He has organized exhibitions at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, Para Site in Hong Kong, and other venues. Currently, he is the curator of K,, a "workshop for exhibition making" that he established in Berlin as a part of the KW Institute of Contemporary Art's "A Year With..." residency format. As partner of the design studio Wkshps, he has led projects with the Guggenheim Museum, L'Internationale, MoMA, and The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago. Prem is a member of the Creative Team for the Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018, opening in Pittsburgh in October 2018.


  • Images must be JPG files only.
  • Each image may not exceed 1MB and 1000 pixels in any direction.
  • Images MUST be oriented properly (ex: top of the image is up).
  • Videos must be .MOV or MP4 format only and must not exceed 3 minutes in length.
  • Videos must not contain the artist name.
  • Text submissions must be in PDF format
  • Sound submissions must be in MP3 format
  • All file names MUST NOT include first or last name (remember this is a blind review).


  • You must fill in all fields and upload at least 3 images in order for your application to be complete.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Applications will be reviewed in OCTOBER 2018. Please DO NOT call the gallery about your application status.


Ends on October 23, 2018


12-month sponsored membership and solo show opportunity for emerging and under-represented self-identified women artists



In order to be eligible for the A.I.R. Fellowship program you must be; 

  • A self-identified woman artist.
  • Have not had a solo exhibition at a permanent commercial gallery in NYC in the last 10 years.
  • Are residents, or within commuting distance of, New York City metropolitan area for the duration of their Fellowship.
  • 18 years or older.
  • Not a student or enrolled in any degree seeking program at the time of the program.
  • Not participating in a comparable development program or residency program during your Fellowship.
  • Not currently a member, employee or board member of A.I.R. Gallery, and never have had a solo show at A.I.R. Gallery.
  • Not a Fellowship alumna. 

 Not sure if you qualify? Check our frequently asked questions page for more info.

In order to prepare the best application possible A.I.R. will host a free Info Session. This is not mandatory however it is strongly encouraged that applicants attend the workshop if possible.

**Fellowship Q&A Info Session on Wednesday, October 3rd from 6:30-7:30pm. RSVP at info@airgallery.org, limited seating available.

Artists awarded the A.I.R. Fellowship will receive a solo exhibition sponsored in full by the gallery, development workshops with a professional in the field, a one-on-one studio visit with one of the review panelists, an artist-mentor at A.I.R. Gallery to work with throughout the program, and much more.

Artists are required to develop and execute one community project in the spirit of A.I.R.’s community. Artists will present a brief artist’s talk at the opening reception for their exhibition. They are expected to commit to the participation in the program and A.I.R. community by attending events and workshops.


  • 72ppi, JPG, RGB files only.
  • Image may not exceed 1000 pixels in any direction.
  • Images MUST be oriented properly (ex: top of the image is up).
  • All file names must be labeled with Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions (H x W x D) i.e. Untitled 2, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 14x14 inches.jpg
  • You must fill in all fields and upload all 5 images in order for your application to be complete.


  • Video may not exceed 3 minutes in length.
  • We will only accept a video artwork piece - NO 'behind the scenes' or 'personal statement' videos 
  • Video must be submitted as .MOV or MP4 format 
  • All file names must be labeled with Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions (H x W x D) i.e. Untitled 2, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 14x14".jpg.


  • All questions should be answered to the best of your ability.
  • Resume and artist statement in PDF format ONLY.
  • PLEASE NOTE you MUST not include your name in any document or file name because this is a blind review (ex: images, videos, PDFs, etc
  • Any application that does not adhere to our guidelines will be automatically disqualified 


Each year, a rigorous selection review is conducted by a panel of outside curators, critics, and established artists. Through a multi-round process, artists are selected based on the quality and commitment to their work. A final interview and selection is made by A.I.R. Gallery Artists. A mandatory in-person interview is held prior to being accepted to the program. The A.I.R. Fellowship Program is open to artists working in all media and seeks to work with those that could benefit from the opportunities that the program offers.  Six artists will be awarded a Fellowship. This year's panelists include Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels, Ruba Katrib, and Xiaoyu Weng.  

A.I.R. Gallery reserves the right to omit any applications that do not meet our specifications.

If for any reason you do not get an email confirmation from submittable after applying, please email info@airgallery.org. All applicants will be notified by APRIL 2019. Please do not contact the gallery to inquire about your application.